G-Body Ford 9″

A Ford 9″ Rear End seems to be the go to suggestion for G-Body enthusiasts. This is the case because of increased power handling, hypoid offset, additional pinion support, efficient gear swapping, and aftermarket support and costs compared to a GM 8.5″ rear or building a 7.5″ (especially when you’re paying a shop to do it).

Here is a list of Ford 9″ sources for G-Bodies:

Quick Performance 9″ FORD COMPLETE REAREND GM G-BODY 78-87 – Starting at $2,215 (as of 1/22/2024). Each Quick Performance 9″ rear end package is built to order. Please allow for 2+ weeks before shipping. Complete rear ends do not come assembled and will ship as four separate packages. The housing, assembled center section, axles, and brakes will ship separately and at different times as the items are completed.

Currie Enterprises 78-88 GM G-Body 9-inch Housing And Axle Package – Starting at $1,750 (as of 1/22/2024). Includes housing with drain plug, 31-spline axles with wheels studs installed, tapered axle bearings and heavy duty retainers, and suspension brackets. The housing is factory width.

Trick Chassis 9″ Rear End Housing With Axles G Body

Strange GM G-Body 9″ Ford Bolt-In Rear End