$5,900 Carbon Fiber Monte Carlo Doors from Ultra Carbon

If you have an extra $5,900 in your G-Body budget to spend, consider lacing your project with a set of carbon fiber doors from Ultra Carbon.

Established by Greg Shampine in 2012, Ultra-Carbon originated in a garage, quickly gaining national recognition for its innovative and exquisite carbon fiber parts. Breaking away from conventional norms, the venture, known for crafting unique structural components, is currently in the testing phase for advanced releases. Beyond structural elements, Ultra-Carbon’s commitment to quality extends to producing beautiful body parts with clear carbon as a standard feature, offering a clear, UV-resistant gel coat finish. Whether customers prefer the pristine appearance or opt for paint or clear coat, Ultra-Carbon ensures an easy, cost-effective installation without the need for extensive bodywork.

Cost-effective? Yes. To have a shop custom make these doors, you may be over $18k in labor. According to Ultra Carbon, they have over 180 hours into a set of door molds. If that’s nothing to a boss, remember someone has to install the internals, drill out and mount the mirror location. Wait, the mirrors, you’re not just going to throw your heavy G-Body mirrors on these are you? Better invest in some Carbon Fiber mirrors as well.

Check out their entire line of G-Body Parts @ https://www.ultra-carbon.com/products/g-body-parts/