2023 Woodward Dream Cruise

The Woodward Dream Cruise is an annual automotive event held in the Detroit metropolitan area, renowned as the world’s largest one-day classic car gathering. Taking place along a 16-mile stretch of historic Woodward Avenue, this event celebrates the rich automotive history and culture of the region, attracting car enthusiasts from across the nation and beyond. Showcasing a diverse array of vintage and classic vehicles, the cruise offers a nostalgic journey through time, with participants and spectators alike reveling in the beauty, craftsmanship, and significance of these cherished automobiles. The Woodward Dream Cruise has evolved into a cherished tradition, fostering a sense of community and passion among car lovers, and paying homage to the Motor City’s profound impact on the automotive industry.

Check out these lovely G-Bodys. Big thanks to 660Media and Ian Cross for the images.

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